I ActualEdu Art Competition - Winners

The Editorial Team at ActualEdu takes great pleasure in sharing with our readers the winning entries from the first edition of our Digital Art Competition in the different formats; drawings, photographs and short videos.

In line with the educational ethos of our schools and in seeking educational excellence, the competition has achieved a particularly high level of participation.

Given such a good response and at such high levels of creativity and quality we are pleased to announce future editions of the competition hoping that competitors will be encouraged to take part.

Our most sincere congratulations.


Winners I ActualEdu Art Competition

Christmas in the Desert - Paula Durán (Zuloaga, 1st Year Secondary Education)

Snow - Enrique Oliva (Zuloaga, 1st Year Baccalaureate)

College Christmas - Inés Garcelán, Alba Carreras, Sofía Amaya, Mar Algeuró, Mar Tirado, Miguel García, Paula Reyes and Cristina Ventura (Lledó, 6th Year Primary - 2nd Year Secondary Education)

Christmas Storms - Pedro Sánchez (Lledó, 4th Year Secondary Education)

StopMotion - Marta Roche, Marcela Oliver, Georgia Anderson, Lucy Ruslyn-Rutter and Elena Elstner (Portals, 2nd Year Secondary Education)

Alexandra & Cassandra - Alexandra Milligan and Cassandra Blackledge (Portals, 3rd Year Secondary Education)